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Mission Statement

The Secondary Reading League is a statewide council of the Illinois Reading Council. SRL’s purpose is to provide opportunities for the formal and informal exchange of ideas related to literacy issues and lifelong learning, with an emphasis on reading and the concerns of secondary educators.

SRL’s premier event, the Day of Reading secondary reading conference, brings to the state dynamic young authors and top-notch researchers focusing on adolescent literacy topics.  This full day event allows participants opportunities to network, browse through exhibits, and engage in professional growth. In the spring, SRL presents the newest YA books and author updates. Other events and meetings are scheduled throughout the school year to address pertinent literacy issues. The purpose of these events/meetings is to provide professional development and networking opportunities.

Upcoming Events

44th Day of Reading

In this workshop, Cornelius Minor will lead participants in exploring how grading practices, classroom routines, teaching methodologies, discipline codes, and other school structures can perpetuate the kinds of exclusion that keep some children from fully accessing and benefiting from a school curriculum. We will study how inquiry/action research can be a tool that practitioners use to dismantle these structures and to change them to truly benefit all learners.

The day will start with an exploration of anti-oppressive methodologies, including universal design for learning and culturally sustaining pedagogies. We will investigate the relation-ship that listening to children and to their communities plays in fostering growth and ensuring achievement. This work will rest on a foundation of strong literacy practice. No matter the discipline or the curriculum, we all teach children to read. That they read fiction, informational texts, media, lab reports, social situations, or primary sources is secondary to the reality that they must read powerfully, think critically, write expressively, and speak convincingly.

Online Booktalk

Please join us on Thursday, July 23 at 7:00 PM for a night of sharing our favorite recent books in a lighthearted . Topics include African American Authors, Memoirs, Graphic Novels, LGBTQ+ Stories, and Abe List Recommendations, and Professional Resources. Participants will earn one CPDU for attending and filling out the survey. This event is free to current members. Nonmembers will only pay for membership.

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